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    This directory is in very early development.  I work on it regularly in my spare time, trying to get it up to speed, so to speak.  

    It is intended to be a jumping off point for all things in the aviation industry for pilots, owners, vendors and anyone else who is looking for aviation services or products.  As a general proposition, links are added if there is a national interest, or, at a minimum, a regional interest.  As an example, FBO's are included (at least for now) only if there are two or more in the chain.  The same goes (again, at least for now) for maintenance shops, avionics repair shops, flight training centers, etc.

    It is sort of assumed that the user will have some basic understanding of airplanes and airports and air topics.  Many abbreviations are used (AOPA, for instance), and it is assumed that the individual looking for that organization will be as familiar with it as one is with the abbreviation FAA.  And the same is assumed for other abbreviations such as NATA, CPA, MAPA, etc.  If you are looking there, you know what it means. I hope.

    If you have an idea, or a contribution, or some potential topic to be added, by all means send it to me.

                            Thank you.

                            Jack, BE55, KLFT


Send mail to Jack at be55@vspeeds.com with questions or comments about this web site, or other links you would like us to add.
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