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TransAtlantic Flights?  If youv'e wanted to fly up through Labrador, over Greenland and Iceland to Europe, you may like to read New Orleans to Paris.  Then there is the transatlantic route straight out to the Azores and then to Africa.  This guy did it in a Cessna 150: "Transatlantic Cessna 150" ; and then there's a couple who flew translantic plus some in an Aztec and wrote The Trip. Or how about Spokane to Geneva in a single engine turboprop, a JetPROP DLX, with a ferry pilot?  Then, this comes from Carol Anne Garrett's website....  I'm not sure exactly who Jack and Dianne are but this is a brief account of their transatlantic.... http://www.kerrlake.com/mgarratt/Dianes.htm .  Two young men, an instructor from Embry-
Riddle and an advanced student, did it in a Seneca with sponsors....  North Atlantic Challenge, they called it.

Or, if you wanted to keep going and circle the globe, you may want to check out the trip log of Carol Anne Garratt, herself, who did it in a Mooney 201....  "My Trip Around the World....  In a Mooney M20J.  Then, another Mooney flight, this one flown by Reed R. Prior, is described in the outstanding website found at "Reed Flies Around the World".  OK, and while we are on the subject of flying Mooneys around the world, let's not forget The Honey-Mooney.

Other flying....  A nice long flight in a Bo by Max Grogan....  Knoxville to Seattle. And, by the way, this article appears on an interesting website, FatBoyzAviation.com, with a link elsewhere here on vSpeeds.com.

Fred Scott, Jr., pilots a Colemill-converted Beechcraft Baron B-55, and has posted a group of articles on his website found at http://www.fwshome.com/aviation.html .  Excellent reading that runs the gamut from Lean of Peak discussions to his adventuresome flight into Northern Labrador.  Also see more of Fred's work at http://www.fwshome.com/baronn6734g.html .  Thanks, Fred.

Pat Byrne, a pilot for 40 years, has written down some things, too.... The Bomber and Reminiscenses of an Old Aviator.  Very good stuff.

Thomas P. Turner, Manager of Technical Services for the American Bonanza Society and former lead instructor at Flight Safety Int'l,  runs "Mastery of Flight" and has links to his articles at www.thomaspturner.com 

Other Airplane Stuff.  Here's an October 2006 demo flight in an experimental....  the Epic LT, a 6 seat single turboprop that came to New Orleans for a visit.

Interesting technical discussions mostly on flight characteristics of a Bonanza (and some modifications to it) by an Australian gent are located at Technical Flying by David F. Rogers.

Every now and then someone wonders if they should carry tools in their airplane.  If you decide to do so, here are a couple of lists.  Take your pick....  Bumper's List, The McCracken Kit.




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